About Us

About Us

Evolve Healthcare Marketing

Based in Chicago, Evolve is a data-driven healthcare marketing agency.

We were founded on the belief that traditional marketing tactics are becoming increasingly obsolete, resulting in year-over-year diminishing return on investment. As such, we explore, test and leverage what’s working beyond the confines of healthcare — the latest advertising platforms, content, conversion tactics and real-time reporting — and apply our industry specialization to help our clients thrive in an increasingly competitive marketplace.

Innovation philosophy:

A general marketing agency or even a freelancer can be hired to execute a digital campaign, develop a website or write content. The difference is in our culture of continuous improvement. Quite simply, we achieve superior results, as seen in our intelligence reporting and measurable ROI. As a team, we leverage our healthcare specialization and utilize proven best of breed solutions rather than home-grown technology that quickly becomes obsolete.

Our Solutions


  • Branding and positioning

    Differentiate from the competition and map out a scalable sales and marketing framework.

  • Analytics and ROI reporting

    Paint an accurate portrait of your prospects, growth potential and results.

  • Digital marketing

    Build targeted online campaigns that achieve maximum ROI.

  • Content Marketing

    Convey your expertise, convert leads and nurture sales opportunities.

  • Web and technical solutions

    Develop a state-of-the-art, HIPAA and ADA compliant website and establish an active online presence.

  • Social media and online reputation management

    Increase brand awareness and cultivate a strong online reputation.

Who We Serve

B2C Healthcare

Increase patient volume

We leverage the latest technology to target potential patients at the right time with the right message.

B2B Healthcare

Target providers as customers

We generate leads and drive sales for B2B healthcare companies.

Our Founder

Pete Cunningham, President

As the father of three children — two with special needs — I have come to depend upon great physicians and healthcare providers in my life. It’s during the darkest of times that great providers are needed the most to inspire hope. As such, at Evolve, we’re committed to helping healthcare organizations prosper so they can provide outstanding care when it’s needed most.

In 2020, Evolve will donate 1 percent of its gross sales to charities serving the needs of children suffering from chronic illnesses:


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Evolve Healthcare Marketing

318 W. Adams St.
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(312) 260-1121