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A Healthcare Digital Marketing Agency That Promotes Growth

As a father of three, two with special needs, Peter Cunningham experienced first-hand how great healthcare providers can help in the darkest of times.

In 2010, he funneled his appreciation for great providers into working as an outsourced chief marketing officer for healthcare businesses. As demand grew, the one-man practice became a management consulting firm with full-service digital marketing agency solutions.

On April 14, 2017, Evolve Healthcare Marketing was officially founded as a healthcare digital marketing agency with a focus on multi-site medical practices. Peter founded Evolve with three core values in mind:

Healthcare specialization matters.

Hiring a generalist agency or freelancer isn’t worth the risk when competing in an industry with as many niches and legal requirements as healthcare. Patients demand specialists, and so should healthcare organizations.

For Evolve, healthcare digital marketing is not just what we do but all we do. The Evolve team has developed strategies for growth that have generated thousands of new patients and millions in revenue for our clients.


Marketing should be measurable.

“Half the money I spend on advertising is wasted; the trouble is, I don’t know which half.” – John Wanamaker, 1893

Many traditional marketing tactics are now obsolete, resulting in diminishing returns on investment year-over-year. Evolve uses the most advanced healthcare digital marketing solutions — digital advertising platforms, content, conversion optimization and real-time reporting — and creates meaningful performance indicators to display results and inform improvements.

Strong relationships are both transparent and reciprocal.

Evolve operates with full transparency. We establish quantitative goals and performance measures at the beginning of each relationship. Utilizing our proprietary dashboard, we set up client accounts that give real-time performance data.

We believe good relationships are built on reciprocity, so we don’t lock clients in with long-term contracts.

Our clients have high expectations for themselves, their businesses and us. No smoke, no mirrors and no excuses.


We exist to help our clients win in highly competitive markets so they can better serve their patients and communities.

Our core values

Customer first

We make every decision and measure every outcome based on how well it serves our customers.

Trust and candor

We build trust through constructive, candid communication that serves the common good.

Help each other thrive

We value all contributions and invest in each other’s growth.

Peter Cunningham, CEO
Peter Cunningham, President
Peter Cunningham

Meet our founder

As the father of three children — two with special needs — I have come to depend upon great physicians and healthcare providers in my life. It’s during the darkest of times that great providers are needed the most to inspire hope. As such, at Evolve, we’re committed to helping healthcare organizations prosper so they can provide outstanding care when it’s needed most.

Evolve will donate 1 percent of its gross sales to charities serving the needs of children suffering from chronic illnesses: