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Case Study: Digital Marketing Program Accelerates Allergy Practice Expansion

Healthcare digital marketing campaign achieves 8x ROI, lays groundwork for three new location openings within a year
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Relief Allergy & Sinus Institute (Relief) wanted to create a strong multi-location brand throughout Chicago’s western suburbs.

The practice did very little promotion before our involvement and relied on its outstanding clinical reputation for referrals. While that worked for the initial location, it didn’t provide the flow of patients needed to grow beyond a single clinic.


We worked with Relief to develop a digital marketing strategy that boosted patient acquisition and generated brand awareness. The campaign concentrated on several fundamental digital marketing tactics, including:


Working closely with our client, we developed a brand that reflected their core values and mission. Going forward, this allowed us to reinforce Relief’s messaging and competitive advantage throughout all marketing efforts.

Website Creation

Patients often rely on practices’ websites to provide insight into the potential experience. As such, we designed a website that provided relevant information about conditions and procedures and allowed patients to book appointments online 24/7.

Building a Patient Acquisition Program

We built a patient acquisition program that gave patients the information they needed to convert, including patient testimonials, important details about the practice, contact information, and more.

Selecting Patient Engagement Technology and Services

Patient acquisition technology includes digital tools such as self-scheduling capabilities, appointment reminders, and request forms for medication refills. By implementing these key tools, we increased appointments scheduled and boosted patient follow-through.


By working with Evolve Healthcare Marketing, Relief developed a new brand and launched a campaign that generated consistently high patient volume. We leveraged our proprietary business intelligence (BI) tool to create a real-time BI dashboard that visualizes meaningful performance KPIs and analytics that the client can review anytime. Within a year, the campaign generated the following results:

8x ROI

Consistent patient volume, eliminating the reliance on referrals

Growth that led to the opening of three new locations

Relief is enjoying unprecedented patient volume and plans to open more locations soon.

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