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Analytics Reporting

Evolve’s business intelligence dashboard provides on-demand access to all your most important marketing KPIs.

Our proprietary business intelligence dashboard delivers real-time visibility into all aspects of your healthcare marketing program’s performance. The system integrates with the leading digital marketing platforms and call tracking systems to bring together your marketing data into a streamlined data visualization. The goal is to go beyond the vanity metrics of reporting impressions and clicks to enable a transparent view into measures and trends that drive better-informed decisions and operational improvements.

Business Intelligence Dashboard

Do you know the conversion rate of your website? Or how many of the calls that came in from a digital campaign were first-time callers? Or how many of those calls weren’t answered by your team?

Our clients can log in and see that information — and much more — within seconds. Let our team build you a comprehensive dashboard that gives you a competitive advantage in your market.

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Analytics Reporting