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B2B Marketing Strategies

Sell More to Healthcare Organizational Leadership Predictably and Profitably

Access and influence hard-to-reach audiences.

Yes, there’s a better way to do B2B healthcare marketing

Traditional B2B marketing tactics are yielding diminishing returns annually. Industry trade shows, conferences and in-person meetings took a nosedive after COVID, and fact is, they aren’t recovering. Gartner Research predicts that 80% of B2B sales interactions will be digital by 2025.

Founder of Evolve, Pete Cunningham, has stood at the forefront of the shifting B2B landscape. In 2010, he began a management consulting firm that provided outsourced Chief Marketing Officer services to private equity-backed B2B healthcare businesses. This led to the creation of Evolve Healthcare Marketing, a digital marketing agency that helps its B2B customers create a predictable and profitable process for generating more high-quality leads in the hyper-competitive healthcare marketplace.

Here is what one of our clients has to say:

Bret Shultz
Managing Partner, PEMM Capital Management, LLC

How Evolve Does B2B Healthcare Marketing

Our team leverages multi-channel digital engagement to improve the effectiveness, transparency and simplicity of marketing for our B2B clients. Our process:

  • Building targeted prospect lists to fuel AI-sequenced email campaigns
  • Creating and executing Google, LinkedIn and social marketing campaigns
  • Developing sophisticated thought leadership content to support the sales process
  • Executing Customer Relationship Management (CRM) by implementing workflow automation featuring pre-call reminders, lead scoring and more
  • Conducting physician-led outbound calling campaigns into provider organizations to bypass gatekeepers and significantly boost the sales team’s connection rate

You’ll have an easy-to-navigate, real-time reporting dashboard you can access anytime. Steering clear of useless data, your dashboard will only report metrics that matter, such as conversion, click-through rate (CTR) and cost per click (CPC). A reporting glossary is also provided.

Distinguish your brand

We’ll position your company at the top of its field in even the most competitive marketplaces. Our approach encompasses strategic brand messaging and imaging in web and digital advertising to thought leadership initiatives such as white papers and case studies. 

Engage your ideal prospects

Our goal is to capture the right kinds of prospects for your business every month. By building targeted lists for email campaigns and leveraging the Meta Audience Network and LinkedIn for ad targeting, we engage your ideal physician leadership with the right message at the exact right time.

Our B2B Marketing Services

Strategy Consulting

Consulting services to optimize marketing and operations.

Go-to-Market Plans

Comprehensive go-to-market plans aligned with business objectives.

Website Development

We create SEO-optimized websites from scratch.

Digital Advertising

Digital advertising strategies, including Google Ads, social media campaigns and retargeting.

Content Development

Thought leadership content, such as whitepapers and case studies.

Analytics & Reporting

Robust analytics tools to track and measure marketing performance.

We’ve successfully helped dozens of B2B organizations build a reliable lead-generation process, from investment banking to SAS software to outsourced physician services.

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