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Digital Marketing Assessment

Digital Marketing Assessment for Medical Practices

Want to know how your digital marketing investments are performing compared to your competition?

What is a digital marketing assessment?

Our digital marketing assessment provides an unbiased and quantitative evaluation of your current digital marketing strategies. We measure your website and digital ads’ performance against industry benchmarks and direct competitors in your market.

Our Digital Marketing Assessment Positions Your Practice for Success

We compare key performance metrics for your website and any ongoing Google Pay-Per-Click (PPC) campaigns with industry standards. Google Ads are the fastest and most predictable way to get patients into the door for most specialties. If you’re not seeing results, there’s a problem.

Every practice needs accurate, insightful reporting to guide decision-making. We’ve often come across shallow dashboards that don’t report metrics that matter, and when they do, the tracking mechanism is faulty, skewing results. Even worse are agencies that send forth brief monthly reports. Evolve will evaluate your current reporting and demonstrate what a good dashboard looks like.

Our goal is to provide simple solutions to non-compliance, safeguarding your practice from potential lawsuits. We ensure the tracking mechanism and forms of your website and landing page(s) are HIPAA-compliant and identify any issues in ADA Web Content Accessibility Guidelines. This includes elements like non-descriptive links and lack of text explanations for images.

We evaluate your website’s user experience and SEO (Search Engine Optimization) practices. Intuitive design, strategic keyword usage, quality backlinks (links from a site pointing to yours), faster loading times, and simple factors like consistent calls to action can reduce bounce rates and improve search ranking. Our report will identify problem areas and provide practical solutions.

Our competitive audits examine key competitors in detail. These reports may contain detailed profiles of top competitors, insights into target audiences, similar offerings and revenue estimates. 

Our Marketing Assessment Drives Actionable Results

If you choose to move forward with Evolve, we offer an ROI Pro Forma–a forecasted return on investment. Utilizing our own benchmarks, we create proformas with expectations that your practice will reach a 7-10x ROI. 

This way, you can anticipate important metrics upfront — cost of lead, customer acquisition cost (CAC), and ROI before committing to a campaign. As the saying goes, “You can’t manage what you don’t measure.”

Ready to experience a predictable ROI campaign?

Our Digital Marketing Assessment is Tailored for Healthcare Providers

Evolve is a digital marketing agency focused exclusively on improving patient acquisition for medical practices. Great healthcare providers deserve to succeed in highly competitive markets, and we want to get you there.

All-encompassing digital marketing help

Your assessment will be done by a team that excels in all aspects of healthcare marketing, from digital strategy to creative copy. You’ll receive practical insights to improve your marketing efforts across all ad types and platforms. If your campaigns are not yielding the results you need, let us help.

Insights framed on the new patient journey

Gone are the days of referrals. According to the PwC Health Research Institute, 80% of new patients now screen their doctors on Google. As healthcare digital marketing experts of 10+ years, we’ve used our deep understanding of modern patient expectations to help over 35 medical practices achieve their goals.

Mitigate the risk of compliance litigation

HIPAA regulations now address online marketing, while ADA (The Americans with Disabilities Act) laws are targeting healthcare websites. The industry is too litigious to risk non-compliance. You will gain full insight into your compliance status and receive guidance on risk mitigation through our assessment.

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