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Programmatic Display Advertising for Medical Practices

Achieve maximum visibility with display advertising managed by experts in marketing for medical practices.

What is programmatic display advertising?

Programmatic display advertising refers to visual ads across digital platforms, such as images and videos. These are beneficial in several ways:

Research at 3M Corporation concluded that humans process visuals 60,000 times faster than text

Display advertising can be shown on websites, social media platforms, mobile apps, and other digital spaces.

Display ads enable retargeting, which allows businesses to show ads to users who’ve interacted with their brand but did not convert.

Display advertising is simple with a reliable healthcare marketing agency

Advertising for medical practices is a challenge for marketers that lack specialization. For starters, platforms like Meta and Google have to approve all ads. Agencies often face rejection for two primary reasons: 


Google may reject ads that might cause users to believe they have an ailment—for example, an ad related to cancer treatment that is alarmist or lacks context.

Content Sensitivity:

Healthcare ads need to be cautious about sensitive content. Display ads must avoid images that might make patients anxious.
How We Do Programmatic Display Advertising for Medical Practices

Display advertising is a key component of a holistic marketing strategy. Here are some targeting tools we utilize at Evolve to engage your prospective patients:

Broad Behavioral/ Demographic

Target potential patients based on their behavior or demographic traits, like interests, age and gender


Target based on their past online behaviors, interactions or preferences

Audience Targeting

Target those who share key characteristics with your current patients


Target based on geographic location


Target users who visited your website but did not convert

What You Can Expect From Evolve Healthcare Marketing

Our proprietary business intelligence dashboard delivers on-demand access to your campaign progress. We only report useful metrics so you can make informed decisions about your display campaign.

Quick approvals, high standards

You’re not hiring an agency to waste time or cut corners. Our display ads follow guidelines for approval and adhere to the highest standards across all platforms. This includes following best practices for image quality, keyword usage and more. 

Continued improvement guaranteed

We’re not a set-it-and-forget-it agency. Our team will monitor your campaign and make adjustments to make sure you achieve your desired results beyond the 90-day pilot program.

Blind Display Ad Examples

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