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Patient Acquisition Diagnostic

Patient Acquisition Diagnostic for Medical Practices

Assess your patient acquisition process and receive expert recommendations for practice growth.

What is a patient acquisition diagnostic?

Practice leaders deserve an unbiased evaluation of their marketing strategies that go beyond the basics. That’s why Evolve provides a digital and operations assessment that is not contingent on whether you move forward with us.

We evaluate your practice’s ability to get patients in the door. That’s why we cover marketing tactic performance, patient engagement capabilities and related operational performance with practical suggestions for improvement.

A Breakdown of Our Patient Acquisition Diagnostic

Evolve Healthcare Marketing is a medical practice marketing agency; getting quality patients for medical practices every month is all we do. As such, we’re well-versed in the modern patient decision-making process.

Our diagnostic takes into account the prevalence of online research, the impact of reviews on decision-making, the significance of appointment reminders and overall how digital communication affects patient satisfaction. Our report is broken down into website, digital advertising, Google My Business (GMB) listing, reporting & analytics, patient engagement and call tracking & attribution. 

See how you measure up to your competition

We compare your site’s authority score to your main competitors. Authority score is a metric (1 to 100) used to measure the overall quality of a domain and its influence on your Google search ranking position. The score is based on the number of backlinks (links from other websites pointing to your site as a source), referring domains, organic search traffic and other data.

Discover your digital advertising effectiveness

Our team will compare your digital advertising efforts to industry benchmarks. Our analysis covers campaign structure, location targeting, ad quality, bidding strategy and optimization opportunities, as well as the quality of your landing pages and data reporting.

Shown above is a Google PPC analysis for a psychology practice, comparing their key metrics with standard practice benchmarks in their specialty. We’ve since helped them exceed these benchmarks, significantly lowering their cost per conversion.

Evaluate patient engagement tools

In the evolving healthcare landscape, patient engagement is crucial. According to Accenture, 70% of patients say they are more likely to choose a provider that offers follow-up care reminders via email or text. We assess tools like after-hours call capabilities, 2-way SMS, secure chat, intelligent reminders and frictionless forms.

Ensure HIPAA and ADA compliance

In today’s healthcare marketing landscape, compliance is challenging due to evolving HIPAA policies and ADA-related accessibility concerns. We assess your website’s compliance with HIPAA, including forms and web hosting, and identify any issues in Web Content Accessibility Guidelines, such as non-descriptive links and lack of text explanations for images. We aim to provide specific solutions to ensure compliance and avoid potential litigation.

Gain SEO insight

Gain SEO insights with our comprehensive approach. Onsite SEO focuses on enhancing your website’s content to be more search engine-friendly, while technical SEO ensures your site is fast, easily navigable by search engines, and well-organized. We evaluate both aspects of your website, examining the quality and consistency of backlinks. Our thorough audit assesses every page to help uncover issues such as broken links, URL problems, duplicate content and more. From this, we assign your site a health score and compare it with competitors. It’s like we’re giving your website a check-up to ensure it’s performing its best in the digital world.

Manage practice reputation

Obtaining positive reviews and responding to negative ones is crucial. According to a report from The Wall Street Journal, 77% of prospective patients check online reviews before their first appointments. Research from Repugen states that 90% of consumers expect the providers to respond to reviews within a week. The challenge for healthcare providers is knowing when a patient has written a new review to respond to it promptly. We assess your Google Business Profile listings to suggest improvements and offer our resources to help manage the demands of reputation management. We evaluate your practice’s ability to get patients in the door. That’s why we cover marketing tactic performance, patient engagement capabilities and related operational performance with practical suggestions for improvement.

Why Evaluate Patient Acquisition With Evolve Healthcare Marketing?

Comprehensive and easy-to-follow

From optimizing your website to enhancing operations, our diagnostic touches every cornerstone of patient acquisition. Our goal is not only to assist but educate you in your marketing journey. We’ll navigate you through all elements of patient acquisition and offer research to support our insights to clarify the new healthcare marketing landscape.

Insights you can only get from experience

We know how to win patients over. Our analysis tackles pressing issues like healthcare compliance and the operations needed to acquire patients today. Best of all? We offer solutions for any shortcomings you may currently have.

We get results

Evolve has helped healthcare providers across 17 specialties increase patient volume with greater certainty and transparency. On average, our programs generate a 7-10X Return on Investment (ROI). We’re so confident in our patient acquisition framework that we build predictability lead generation models using this benchmark.