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Reporting & Analytics

Reporting and Analytics for Medical Practices

Finally, a marketing dashboard for medical practice leadership that’s transparent, easy to understand and measures what matters.

Our Industry-Leading Dashboard is Your Competitive Advantage

Evolve Healthcare Marketing is a digital marketing agency focused exclusively on getting quality patients for medical practices every month. Our business intelligence dashboard is easy to navigate, comes with a glossary and shows real-time results you can access at any time.

Easy to navigate

Our dashboard is user-friendly. All reports, sections, and elements are organized and clearly labeled. We prioritize the most relevant information, so there’s no need to hunt for critical insights. A dashboard glossary is provided for added clarity, and our client specialist is here to address any questions.

Easy to understand

You don’t want to sift through marketing jargon, and we don’t make you. Our dashboard provides real-time results with insights that actually show your campaign’s impact. Do you know the conversion rate of your website? Or how many of the calls that came in from a digital campaign were first-time callers? Or how many of those calls weren’t answered by your team? If not, let our reporting help.

Easy to access

You deserve full transparency about the results of your digital marketing efforts. Our clients enjoy instant access to their progress by logging in anytime, anywhere. With real-time, accurate reporting, gone are the days of relying solely on monthly reports from your agency. With Evolve, you can evaluate your performance on your time.

A peek into our real-time reporting dashboard. We keep navigation simple and only report meaningful metrics.

Still relying on your agency to send monthly reports?

You may have heard the quote, “Half the money I spend on advertising is wasted; the trouble is I don’t know which half.” John Wanamaker stated this in 1883. Unfortunately, it’s still echoed by agencies today. With an abundance of digital tools at our disposal, any digital agency handing out shallow monthly reports with useless, scattered data is likely ripping you off.

At Evolve, our clients’ reporting and analytics precisely pinpoint and optimize the effectiveness of their marketing efforts. With our advanced multi-location reporting option, you can even gain insight into clinic-specific data, which helps improve strategies based on each location’s unique needs. Ready to learn more?