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Retargeting for Medical Practices

The patient journey is a winding road. Take back leads with retargeting done by healthcare marketing professionals.

What is retargeting?

The average conversion rate for first-time visitors to healthcare websites is around 6%. So, only 6 out of every initial 100 visitors are likely to take a desired action, such as filling out a contact form. This makes retargeting a valuable tool at our disposal.

Retargeting is a marketing approach that involves showing ads to individuals who have interacted with your practice in some way, such as your website, ads or landing pages, but did not convert. Healthcare retargeting campaigns are often executed through the Meta Audience Network (which is comprised of 1000s of phone apps and websites, including Facebook and Instagram) and LinkedIn. Using tracking technologies, like cookies, we follow your visitors and target them with display (i.e., visual) ads.

How We Do Retargeting for Medical Practices

Like display advertising, retargeting can be difficult for marketing agencies who don’t specialize in healthcare. Some agencies even claim it can’t be done. 

All Google and Social Media PPC ads must go through an approval process. The main reason for ad rejection for practices is concerns about privacy and health exploitation. Retargeting ads related to specific conditions or treatments risk coming off as intrusive or unethical. 

At Evolve, we’ve learned to navigate these issues to avoid setbacks in the ad approval process. 

Implement a HIPAA-compliant tracking pixel on your website and create retargeting lists based on user behavior.

Segment audience and determine bidding strategy for the campaign based on goals. 

Creative team crafts SEO-optimized ads and landing pages for your team’s approval.

Regularly monitor results on a real-time reporting dashboard. We experiment with different ad creatives, messaging and more to see what resonates most.

Our competitive audits examine key competitors in detail. These reports may contain detailed profiles of top competitors, insights into target audiences, similar offerings and revenue estimates. 

Experience retargeting with a reliable healthcare marketing agency

Precision Targeting

We pinpoint your audience by presenting distinct ads to viewers based on the pages they visited on your site.

Continuous Monitoring

Your campaign will be analyzed and refined to align with your goals beyond an initial 90-day pilot program.

Meaningful Reporting & Analytics

Receive insights that matter. Our reporting prioritizes meaningful analytics over superficial vanity metrics.

Blind Retargeting Ad Examples

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