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Website Design & Services for Medical Practices

First impressions are everything. Capture more leads with a website designed to convert the right kinds of patients for your practice.

How We Do Website Design for Medical Practices 

Evolve is a healthcare digital marketing agency focused exclusively on improving patient acquisition for medical practices. Our goal in website design is the same as for everything else we do: get patients in the door.

Sitemap Creation

Develop a comprehensive sitemap that serves as the blueprint for your website.

Design Mockups

Present two sets of design mockups for your website so you can choose a preferred style.

Content & Copywriting

Content team drafts website copy while design team finalizes mockups. Level of involvement in copy creation is up to your team.

Staging Site Development

Assemble a staging site mirroring the live website for your review. We implement your team’s feedback and share a final version for your approval.

Website Launch Preparation

Configure SEO settings, set up Google Analytics and Search Console and conduct final tests on the staging site.

Website Launch

After your approval, we launch the site. We ensure SEO readiness and conduct final tests.

Post-Launch Testing

Conduct a one-week post-launch testing phase, checking pages across devices, running SEO audits and optimizing technical settings.

Our Healthcare Websites Bring Patients Through the Door

At Evolve, we never lose sight of your goal, which is to convert. All our people and processes are aligned to help you acquire the patients best fit for your practice every month.

Ensure ADA accessibility for potential patients

All Evolve websites comply with the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA), which sets standards for making digital content accessible to people with disabilities. In 2017, Domino’s Pizza lost an appeal in a federal lawsuit when a man who was legally blind protested his inability to use either Domino’s website or mobile app.

Key accessibility elements include: 

Healthcare is too litigious of an industry to risk non-compliance. ADA is of particular importance if you serve demographics with higher disability prevalence, such as seniors. You want to make sure your site is not excluding your potential patients.

Seventy-one percent or more of Google search traffic will go to the first page of results, while only 6% will reach the second page. We optimize your site by using relevant keywords strategically, creating high-quality & easily scannable content so users can easily find what they’re looking for and implementing a logical content structure.

On the technical side, we ensure fast page load times, mobile-friendliness, clean and descriptive URLs and more. These aspects, though just the start of SEO enhancements we provide, contribute significantly to a smoother and more efficient experience for potential patients.

Avoid lawsuits with HIPAA compliance

Electronic protected health information, or ePHI, refers to identifiable health information that is created, received, stored, or transmitted electronically by a covered entity under HIPAA regulations. In 2018, a judge upheld a $4.3 million fine for HIPAA violations stemming from the theft of unencrypted devices containing ePHI against The MD Anderson Cancer Center. In another case, Touchstone Medical Imaging paid $3M to settle a HIPAA breach case.

Ensuring that your website has all the necessary safeguards in place to protect patient information is a vital standard that many organizations we’ve inspected have not met. Evolve will provide HIPAA-compliant tracking tools and contact forms so your practice can avoid hefty fines, protect patients’ privacy and maintain its reputation.

Experience website creation with a reliable healthcare marketing agency

At Evolve, we won’t lock you into contracts or hold your website hostage if you stop working with us. Your website will be in your own hosting account with full admin access.

Our easy-to-use dashboard provides real-time updates on key metrics concerning your site. No irrelevant data, just valuable insights.

We can provide WordPress engineers who fully manage every aspect of your website 24/7.

To learn more about creating high-performing medical practice websites, please see the following content.