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The State of the Healthcare Industry

Inaugural outlook survey provides snapshot of key industry decisionmakers during COVID-19

Evolve Healthcare Marketing, a data-driven healthcare marketing agency, and Redwood Advisors, which helps multi-site outpatient healthcare organizations maximize value and positive patient outcomes with best-in-class strategic support, are releasing a new survey on COVID-19-driven telehealth adoption, operational efficiencies and the long-term financial outlook of medical practices.

We embarked on the inaugural survey of key healthcare decisionmakers as history unfolded in the summer of 2020. While the novel coronavirus ravaged communities across the United States, some local providers faced unprecedented ICU surges, while preemptive shelter-in-place protocols and elective procedure moratoriums elsewhere brought patient volume to a standstill. All the while, sudden mass unemployment pushed the nation’s economy towards the brink, further exacerbating an already precarious financial situation for many hospitals, health systems and medical practices.

Our team set out to take the pulse of providers, investors, practice leaders and other key healthcare decisionmakers during these challenging times. We wanted to know whether these decisionmakers were hopeful about the coming months; whether technology is playing a bigger role in running their practices; and if this historic disruption stands to accelerate longstanding industry trends such as consolidation.

Many of the results were surprising. In particular, given the strong headwinds, we were taken aback by the resolve and optimism of many practice leaders as well as the swift — and relatively seamless — pivot to telemedicine. And with nearly 100 providers and practice leaders participating, we also were thrilled with the level of engagement we received from our outreach efforts  — an indication, perhaps, of just how vital this information is during these uncertain times.

Download the full report.

Download the full report