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We’re here to help great autism healthcare providers improve patient acquisition.

Why ABA Therapy Practices Choose Evolve

An Agency With a Track Record of Success in ABA Therapy

Autism Therapy practice,
0 x ROI
Patient acquisition pilot program

Evolve is the only digital agency for ABA therapy providers delivering a consistent 7-10x ROI. We’re so confident in our abilities that we offer a performance guarantee. 

We Exceed Industry Benchmarks for Google Ads

The average medical practice receives a Google click-through rate (CTR) of 3.27% and a PPC conversion rate of 3.36%.

Meanwhile, autism practices that partner with Evolve typically achieve click-through rates of 4-5% and conversion rates of at least 7-9%. We know medicine is local and have delivered these consistent, superior results for clinics around the nation.

Nation-wide pediatric practice providing ABA therapy,
Targeting mid-size cities in Indiana and Illinois

Click-through Rate (CTR):
0 %
Conversion Rate:
0 %

ABA therapy practice,
Targeting mid-size city in New Jersey

Click-through Rate (CTR):
0 %
Conversion Rate:
0 %

Multi-location ABA therapy practice, Targeting several boroughs in NYC

Click-through Rate (CTR):
0 %
Conversion Rate:
0 %

Helping Great ABA Therapy Clinics Succeed is Personal

“Great medical providers have earned the right to be independent.”

Our belief statement comes from an appreciation of physician leaders who have dedicated their lives to caring for their patients.

As a father of a son with autism, Evolve founder Peter Cunningham has experienced first-hand how high-quality behavioral health providers are a guiding light during the darkest times. In return, the Evolve team is committed to helping independent medical practices thrive in the digital age.

ABA Therapy Marketing Services


With an exclusive focus on healthcare marketing, we've developed SEO strategies to deliver the right kinds of patients each month for mental and behavioral health practice leaders.

Website Design & Services

Our websites are designed to get patients in the door. We’ll work on your site from start to finish and won’t hold it hostage if you stop working with us. It’s your site. You deserve to own it.

Google Ads

Google Ads are the fastest and most predictable way to convert patients. While the average industry PPC conversion rate is 3.36%, our ancillary practice clients achieve rates of 5% and higher.

Social Media Marketing

Evolve drives high, accurate conversions through social PPC by identifying healthcare decision-makers for families and targeting them using the tools of the Meta Audience Network.

Patient Acquisition Diagnostic

Assess your patient acquisition process and receive expert recommendations for practice growth. Our evaluation is not contingent on whether you move forward with us.

Reporting & Analytics

Evolve’s reporting & analytics is easy to navigate and show real-time results you can always access. We report only the most relevant information, so there’s no need to hunt for critical insights.

Patient Intake Process Review & Operational Improvement

A positive, seamless intake experience is crucial to turning leads into patients. That’s why we provide counsel and resources on operational best practices and technology.

What You Can Expect From Evolve

Building predictable, profitable growth engines for autism therapy providers is what we do.

Best-of-Breed Partner Capabilities

Evolve has established strong connections with the industry’s best-in-class companies to elevate aspects influencing patient intake, such as online reputation.

A HealthGrades study reports that 77% of patients turn to online reviews when searching for a doctor, and, according to Repugen, 90% of consumers who expect providers to reply want one within a week. Our channel partner can provide the following services:

HIPAA Compliance

HIPAA has had to evolve since the rise of digital technology. On December 1, 2022, CMS issued new guidelines clarifying that when health information is collected with tracking tech vendors, rules must be followed to prevent unauthorized sharing of patient data. The new guidelines make a lot of practices noncompliant with website hosting, website forms, Google Analytics, and more. 

Paired with ADA laws, evolving regulations have upped the risk of lawsuits in an already litigious industry.  Rest assured that as a healthcare marketing agency, we have the experience to navigate these pitfalls effectively.

ADA compliance refers to the Americans with Disabilities Act Standards for Accessible Design. It mandates that all electronic technology, like a website, be accessible to people with disabilities. In a pivotal case, Robles v. Domino’s Pizza, a blind man sued Domino’s for an inaccessible website and app and eventually won. After the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals decided that the ADA applies to websites and that Domino’s had fair notice in 2019, lawsuits sharply rose. Over 10,000 website accessibility lawsuits have been filed since then. The average discrimination lawsuit settlement could range from under $50,000 to $300,000, depending on the severity and scope.

Operational Counsel & Resources

Gaining quality leads every month won’t automatically result in new patients. A faulty intake process can render your marketing useless, so Evolve offers best-of-class operational technology. We integrate call attribution software, allowing us to:

From this, we can determine the root cause of performance issues and the most effective strategies for converting patients.

A peek into the CallRail section of our real-time reporting dashboard. It shows metrics such as first-time callers, missed calls and voicemail calls  
A peek into our real-time reporting dashboard. We keep navigation simple and only report meaningful metrics.

Reporting That Supports Decision-making

You need to make informed decisions about your campaign(s). Steering clear of useless data, your dashboard will only report metrics that matter, such as conversion, click-through rate (CTR) and cost per click (CPC). Best of all, results are real-time and accessible anytime, anywhere.

On our end, Evolve’s intelligence dashboard allows us to regularly monitor results and alter campaigns to hone in on best-performing strategies.  Our team doesn’t just set campaigns in motion and step away. Our advanced reporting ensures results beyond an initial 90-day pilot.  

Campaign Performance Forecast

If you choose to move forward with Evolve, we offer an ROI Pro Forma–a forecasted return on investment. Utilizing our own benchmarks, we create proformas with expectations that your practice will reach a 7-10x ROI. 

This way, you can anticipate important metrics upfront — cost of lead, customer acquisition cost (CAC), and ROI before committing to a campaign. As the saying goes, “You can’t manage what you don’t measure.”

Blinded example of ROI modeling shown below

12 Months
Unique Users
Digital Contribution
"Paid" Ad Traffic Contribution & View Thru's
Goal Conversion
New Patient Only - Main Website Phone Calls, Form Fills & Appointment Scheduler
Front Desk Conversion
New Patient $ Value
Digital Campaign(s)
12 Months
Click Through Rate
Cost of Click
Goal Conversions
New Patients Only - Ad Extension Calls, Landing Page Calls and Landing Page Form Fills
Estimated Cost of Lead
Current is <$50 a lead
Front Desk Conversion
New Patient $ Value
Gross Cost
Digital Estimated ROI
Digital Only
Estimated Acquisition Cost
Digital Only
Estimated Acquisition Cost
Full Blend of Digital and Web

Our Work for ABA Therapy Practices

Evolve drives high conversions for medical practices by identifying and targeting the healthcare decision-makers for families. According to the U.S. Department of Labor, mothers make 80 percent of health care decisions in the United States. An experienced, specialized agency would know to target mothers of children with autism. 

Below are examples of impactful ads we’ve done for our clients with this in mind.

ABA Therapy Google Ads

ABA Therapy Retargeting Ads


ABA Therapy Meta Ads

Perspectives Vol. 5 eBook: How ABA providers can help families of children with autism get the care they need during the COVID-19 pandemic