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Medical Practices

Would you like to grow your patient volume with greater confidence?

Discover the exact plan our medical practice clients are using to gain new patients and market share.

Practices can no longer survive on referrals alone.

  • In the past, word-of-mouth referrals from other providers, families and friends influenced healthcare decisions above all else. Today’s landscape is far more complex.
  • 80% of new patients screen their doctors on Google (PwC Health Research Institute)
  • 77% of prospective patients research online reviews before booking their first appointments (The Wall Street Journal)

To be competitive in this environment requires specialization combined with an understanding of the patient journey and marketing tactics to ensure a stellar patient experience from first click to office visit.

How we’ll help you grow in the first 90 days:

1. Assess Your Practice

Provide an objective assessment of how your practice is systemically positioned to compete for patients online versus the competition in a specific market.

2. Establish Your 90-Day Plan

We’ll work with you to develop a plan for the next quarter of marketing initiatives to generate more patient leads.

3. Implement and Grow the Practice

As your digital presence and internal processes improve, you’ll experience:

Results – Measurable improvement in new patient acquisition
Insights – Intelligence to fuel process improvement
Clarity – Greater understanding of your marketing ROI through real-time reporting

By the numbers:

We’ve helped clients across 17 different specialties across the country just like you.

0 x ROI
ENT practice,
patient acquisition pilot program
0 x ROI
Behavioral health practice,
patient acquisition pilot program

Speak with one of our experienced medical marketers to see how we can help you meet — and even exceed — your growth goals.