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Why Pain Management Practices Choose Evolve

A Marketing Agency With Proven Results in Pain Management

We Exceed Industry Benchmarks for Google Ads

The average medical practice receives a Google click-through rate (CTR) of 3.27% and a PPC conversion rate of 3.36%.

Meanwhile, pain management practices that partner with Evolve typically achieve click-through rates of 4-6% and conversion rates of at least 5-7%. We know medicine is local and have delivered these consistent, superior results for clinics around the nation.

Multi-location pain management practice,
Targeting small city in Wisconsin
Click-through Rate (CTR):
0 %
Conversion Rate:
0 %

Pediatric branch of nation-wide physical therapy brand,
Targeting mid-size cities in Indiana and Illinois

Click-through Rate (CTR):
0 %
Conversion Rate:
0 %

Nation-wide physical therapy brand,
Targeting central Illinois, Chicago suburbs and Northwest Indiana

Click-through Rate (CTR):
0 %
Conversion Rate:
0 %

Evolve is the only digital agency for medical practices delivering a consistent 7-10x ROI. We offer a performance guarantee for non-regenerative pain management campaigns. 

“The Evolve team has a deep understanding of the business of medicine and the ability to help keep the ball moving forward in a high-growth environment. They know what targeted decision-makers and influencers want to know, ramp up quickly, have a comprehensive toolbox, are process orientated and keep ahead of the curve.”

Evolve Client

5 Stars
Michael Morgan, Former Chief Business Development Officer at PhyMed Healthcare Group

“Highly recommend the team at Evolve.”

Cory Weaver

5 Stars
Neel Patel, Patient Care Coordinator at Pain Relief Institute

Pain Management Practice Marketing is Only Getting More Digital, More Specialized, More Competitive

7% of Google’s daily searches are health-related, translating to over 1 billion a day or 70,000 searches per minute. (Forbes)

71% of patients use a search engine before booking an appointment with a healthcare provider. (Software Advice)

73% say a minimum star rating of 4 stars is needed for them to engage with a provider or physician. (Healthcare Reputation)

With endless providers a quick search away, pain management patients are pickier than ever. According to a report from ScienceDirect, 81% of chiropractic patients are self-referring. Partner with a team that understands your audience and how to reach them.

Experimental Medicine Can Be a Pitfall, so Get an Agency That Knows What They’re Doing

Google doesn’t allow ads that promote speculative or experimental medical treatments regardless of regulatory approval status. This includes:

Regenerative medicine

Stem cell therapy

Platelet plasma injections



If your ads, landing pages, or website plainly promote experimental medicine, Google will either not show or take measures to hide them.

On the top is a publicly available example of a pain management clinic that plainly promotes regenerative medicine. As a result, their extensions are hidden. Compare this to the pain management clinic on the bottom, whose website more subtly promotes treatments that are “experimental.” Their extensions are shown, improving their likelihood of getting clicks.

Evolve’s research for three practices in the NYC metro market. Upon promoting regenerative medicine, each practice experienced huge drops in organic traffic.

Practice 1
Organic Drop:
0 %

No Google or Meta Advertising

Practice 2

Organic Drop:
0 %

No Google or Meta Advertising

Practice 3

Organic Drop:
0 %

No Google or Meta Advertising

Well-done home pages of two pain management clinics. By focusing on the results they’ll achieve for patients (pain relief) and not the details of the treatments, these pages will earn positive SEO over their competition.

Pain Management Marketing Services


With an exclusive focus on healthcare marketing, we've developed SEO strategies to deliver the right kinds of patients each month for mental and behavioral health practice leaders.

Website Design & Services

Our websites are designed to get patients in the door. We’ll work on your site from start to finish and won’t hold it hostage if you stop working with us. It’s your site. You deserve to own it.

Google Ads

Google Ads are the fastest and most predictable way to convert patients. While the average industry PPC conversion rate is 3.36%, our ancillary practice clients achieve rates of 5% and higher.

Social Media Marketing

Evolve drives high, accurate conversions through social PPC by identifying healthcare decision-makers for families and targeting them using the tools of the Meta Audience Network.

Patient Acquisition Diagnostic

Assess your patient acquisition process and receive expert recommendations for practice growth. Our evaluation is not contingent on whether you move forward with us.

Reporting & Analytics

Evolve’s reporting & analytics is easy to navigate and show real-time results you can always access. We report only the most relevant information, so there’s no need to hunt for critical insights.

Patient Intake Process Review & Operational Improvement

A positive, seamless intake experience is crucial to turning leads into patients. That’s why we provide counsel and resources on operational best practices and technology.

What You Can Expect From Evolve

Building predictable, profitable growth engines for pain management practices is our specialty.

Best-of-Breed Partner Capabilities

Evolve has established strong connections with the industry’s best-in-class companies to elevate aspects influencing patient intake, such as online reputation.

A HealthGrades study reports that 77% of patients turn to online reviews when searching for a doctor, and, according to Repugen, 90% of consumers who expect providers to reply want one within a week. Our channel partner can provide the following services:

HIPAA Compliance

HIPAA has had to evolve since the rise of digital technology. On December 1, 2022, CMS issued new guidelines clarifying that when health information is collected with tracking tech vendors, rules must be followed to prevent unauthorized sharing of patient data. The new guidelines make a lot of practices noncompliant with website hosting, website forms, Google Analytics, and more. 

Paired with ADA laws, evolving regulations have upped the risk of lawsuits in an already litigious industry.  Rest assured that as a healthcare marketing agency, we have the experience to navigate these pitfalls effectively.

ADA compliance refers to the Americans with Disabilities Act Standards for Accessible Design. It mandates that all electronic technology, like a website, be accessible to people with disabilities. In a pivotal case, Robles v. Domino’s Pizza, a blind man sued Domino’s for an inaccessible website and app and eventually won. After the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals decided that the ADA applies to websites and that Domino’s had fair notice in 2019, lawsuits sharply rose. Over 10,000 website accessibility lawsuits have been filed since then. The average discrimination lawsuit settlement could range from under $50,000 to $300,000, depending on the severity and scope.

Operational Counsel & Resources

Gaining quality leads every month won’t automatically result in new patients. A faulty intake process can render your marketing useless, so Evolve offers best-of-class operational technology. We integrate call attribution software, allowing us to:

From this, we can determine the root cause of performance issues and the most effective strategies for converting patients.

A peek into the CallRail section of our real-time reporting dashboard. It shows metrics such as first-time callers, missed calls and voicemail calls  
A peek into our real-time reporting dashboard. We keep navigation simple and only report meaningful metrics.

Reporting That Supports Decision-making

You need to make informed decisions about your campaign(s). Steering clear of useless data, your dashboard will only report metrics that matter, such as conversion, click-through rate (CTR) and cost per click (CPC). Best of all, results are real-time and accessible anytime, anywhere.

On our end, Evolve’s intelligence dashboard allows us to regularly monitor results and alter campaigns to hone in on best-performing strategies.  Our team doesn’t just set campaigns in motion and step away. Our advanced reporting ensures results beyond an initial 90-day pilot.  

Campaign Performance Forecast

If you choose to move forward with Evolve, we offer an ROI Pro Forma–a forecasted return on investment. Utilizing our own benchmarks, we create proformas with expectations that your practice will reach a 7-10x ROI. 

This way, you can anticipate important metrics upfront — cost of lead, customer acquisition cost (CAC), and ROI before committing to a campaign. As the saying goes, “You can’t manage what you don’t measure.”

Blinded example of ROI modeling shown below

12 Months
Unique Users
Digital Contribution
"Paid" Ad Traffic Contribution & View Thru's
Goal Conversion
New Patient Only - Main Website Phone Calls, Form Fills & Appointment Scheduler
Front Desk Conversion
New Patient $ Value
Digital Campaign(s)
12 Months
Click Through Rate
Cost of Click
Goal Conversions
New Patients Only - Ad Extension Calls, Landing Page Calls and Landing Page Form Fills
Estimated Cost of Lead
Current is <$50 a lead
Front Desk Conversion
New Patient $ Value
Gross Cost
Digital Estimated ROI
Digital Only
Estimated Acquisition Cost
Digital Only
Estimated Acquisition Cost
Full Blend of Digital and Web

Impactful Ads We’ve Run for Pain Management Practices

Pain Management Google PPC Ads

Pain Management Retargeting Ads

Targeting local women 45-65 years old who are experiencing joint pain

Targeting local men and women 65+  years old who are experiencing age-related joint pain

Targeting millennials who are experiencing joint pain

Pain Management Meta Ads

Targeting local men and women 65+  years old who are experiencing age-related joint pain

Targeting local women 45-65 years old who are experiencing joint pain

Targeting millennials who are experiencing joint pain

Still Unsure About Giving Us a Chance?

Research published by Marketing Week reported that just 15% of brands believe that agencies fully deliver on trust. To put this in perspective, a Forbes report on trusted professions in America today found that only 8% of people would rate car salespeople as honest and ethical.

So, marketing agencies aren’t that far above the trustworthiness of a car salesman in the eyes of the public, which isn’t a surprise. Many agencies make promises they cannot deliver and claim expertise they do not have.

If you’ve been burned in the past by an agency, have never worked with one, or are contemplating a switch, give the following articles a read. They’ll help you better understand the good qualities and red flags to watch for when evaluating a digital marketing agency.


The world has changed, and practices can’t survive on provider referrals alone. People today are turning increasingly towards digital means to find their doctors, look up symptoms and find medical information.  It’s crucial for healthcare providers to position themselves as an expert source of this information and to be easily findable online.

Today, 77% of patients will search for services in their area online before they make an appointment.  Top-performing practices are embracing this new reality by investing in digital marketing to be visible at the right time and with the right message to the right people making those searches. If not, they’ll go elsewhere. 

At Evolve, we help our clients seize this shift and turn it into an opportunity to outmaneuver the competition.

A successful client onboarding process is essential for digital marketing.  Onboarding is the most extensive time needed from the client.  We don’t overwhelm new clients, but we need to make sure you get enough information to help you with your strategy to achieve your short and long-term goals as a business and set clear expectations. 

Here is an outline of a typical client onboarding journey:

  1. We send forth an onboarding document to be signed and a launch packet to gather necessary information from your team. We divide our questions into categories: general client information, branding and marketing, business and industry, brand assets and access to client accounts. Packet completion is needed 48 hours prior to the client kickoff call.
  2. We have a kickoff call to review the nuances of your company and ensure our goals are aligned. This is the largest time commitment for a meeting you’ll need to make, typically 45-60 minutes. We confirm timelines, milestones, scope and expectations, and dig into your intake process so we can coordinate digital marketing with operations.
  3. We schedule weekly pre-launch campaign calls, 15-30 minutes each, prior to the website/digital campaign launching. These calls allow us to discuss any outstanding items for your campaign.
  4. Upon completing our research, we develop a strategic advertising plan, including creative concepts. 
  5. You provide feedback on creative concepts. We adjust accordingly and launch digital campaign(s).
  6. Evolve keeps track of your campaign and makes adjustments as needed. We schedule monthly check-in calls with you to discuss results and collect feedback.

The timeline for a successful campaign depends on its size and scope as well as the medical specialty. With that said, conservatively, our campaigns tend to take 3 months to show significant results. At 4 months, we tend to reach 7-10x ROI, with full maturity at around 9-12 months.

We offer full transparency — your campaign’s KPIs will be tracked in your custom dashboards. 

As the saying goes, you can’t manage what you can’t measure. Our experience marketing for various ancillary specialties,  from physical and occupational therapy to home health and radiology, has qualified us to make educated predictions.

On average, our ancillary practice programs generate a 7-10x ROI within a four month pilot program. Our consistency is such that we use this benchmark to establish a predictability model that anticipates results for each program, i.e., a performance forecast. This will help you know what to expect for ROI as your campaign goes underway.

During the onboarding process, we appreciate your active engagement. Your input and collaboration will play a crucial role in ensuring our objectives are aligned. 

Past this point, your level of involvement is largely up to you. We will send forth digital material for your timely feedback and approval. Once the digital campaigns are running, they operate like a well-oiled machine. 

However, we schedule monthly performance recap meetings to ensure your continued satisfaction and that all projects are completed on time and within budget. This is also an opportunity for your Customer Success Manager (CMS) to walk you through your results.

For practices that hire digital agencies, KPIs are the cornerstone of measuring and defining an agency’s worth. But without context, numbers are just numbers. Our CMS provides deeper learnings from the metrics so that Evolve can refine and optimize your strategy and tactics to further improve the results in the coming months.